Revisions: Application Fee & Form

As of June 16, 2014, the EPRA will be initiating a $1 500 fee (plus applicable taxes) applicable to the submission of any RQP applications. The application fee will apply to the following types of applications:

new primary recycler applications;
requests for amendment to an existing scope of approval; and
addition of new downstream recycler applications.
A reduced fee of $1 100 (plus applicable taxes) will be applicable to all applications submitted by any registered not-for-profit organizations.

Please note that the application fee is not applicable for any routine re-approval audits or surveillance reviews initiated by RQO.

Applications that have been submitted to the RQO prior to June 16, 2014 are not subject to the application fee. After the effective date, only applications submitted with payment of the applicable fee will be accepted by the RQO for review. The application fee is non-refundable and the RQO is not responsible for any incomplete or nonconforming applications submitted.

The Application Form has been updated to reflect these revisions.